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Tapered Roofing Systems

Anyone with a flat or dead-level roof can use a taper system. These can be used on new construction or during a re-roofing process. According to the Florida Building Code,
roof systems must besloped a minimum of ¼ inch in 12 inches for drainage.

  Flat roofs are very common in Florida. Older flat roofs have a tendency to pond water following the rain. Florida law now requires installation of tapered insulation if a flat roof ponds water for more than 48 hours. A roof should slope no less than 1/4" vertical to 12" horizontal. Ponding water can cause a breakdown of your flat roof materials leading to leaks and other roofing problems.

 One of the obvious benefits of installing a tapered roofing system is that the slope created will allow water to runoff. Just a slight slope can prevent water from ponding. The construction of the isoboard adds insulation to the roof, which can lower your energy bills and add longevity to the life of your roof.

 Another benefit of tapered roofing systems is that they add additional insulation to your roof. Your level of insulation directly affects your energy costs by eliminating the amount of energy that escapes. By increasing your insulation, you’ll decrease the cost of air conditioning and climate control in the summer and heating bill in the winter.


  •     Prolong Roof Life
  •     Reduce Heating/Cooling Costs
  •     Provides More Positive Water Drainage
  •     Helps to Eliminate Excess Weight or Water
Essentially they work as follows:
  Insulated panels are placed below the membrane or final roofing solution to create slopes in the roof. Design plays an important role in the process of adding a taper system. Proper installation is essential to the system working and avoiding future problems with the roof. Poor drainage on residential roofs can result in damage far more destructive than either wind or other natural elements. Homeowners often under estimate the advantages of tapered roofing when evaluating the life expectancy of a roof.

 Positive drainage is necessary to insure a safe, long lasting roof. Ponded water can result in costly repairs and even pre-mature roof failure, which is rarely covered under warranty or by insurance. Positive sloped roof systems result in reduced maintenance and less stress to your homes structure.

 Tapered roof insulation is an excellent way to both help insulate flat roof decks as well as provide positive drainage.  Applied directly to the roof surface, tapered roof insulation can prolong the life of the roof by assisting in the drainage of any collected water, as well as helping to eliminate any potential weight or load bearing issues.
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