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Torch down repairs


Conventional Modified Bitumen:

 Modified bitumen (modified asphalt) or "mod bit" roofing material is sold in rolls and applied usually on low-slope or flat roofs. Its seams are sealed using a torch to heat the under-side of the bituminous material that coats both sides of a polyester or fiberglass reinforced material.

 Modified bitumen roofs are installed using one of several methods: hot applied, cold applied, heat weldable (torched seams), and self-adhered.

 While we consider this material quite durable, the manufacturer's label typically warrants its life for just ten years.

  Torch down roofing is applied with a torch rather than a hot mop, and this system eliminates the unpleasant odor of hot mop procedures. It also allows the torch down roof to be repaired more efficiently.
Any modified bitinum roof can be repaired by simply burning a patch over the leaking area if it is not to old. This will save you thousands of dollars on a roof replacement and last for many years. This repair is a new roof over that troubled roof area.
  • Most of the time it is the installer that is to blame and not the material.
  • Most of the time a leak stems from something else than the rubber roof itself. (skylights, drains, air conditioners, vent pipes, flashing or seams that were not heated enough during installation)
  • The good news is that almost modified bitinum roofs can be repaired relatively inexpensively.
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