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$ave on homeowners insurance
 Wind mitigation inspection in Pinellas FL.Please note that insurance companies may have more features that qualify for wind mitigation credits such as doors and gable end bracing.
 Contact your insurance agent or company and ask what features or upgrades they offer discounts or credits for, and what you need to do to qualify.
You may save money on your homeowners’ insurance in many ways. These savings are generally classified as hurricane or mitigation-related discounts or credits.

Roof Geometry:   Hip Roof about 28%

Roof Covering:   Florida Building Code  Approved Shingles about 7%

Roof Deck Attachment:   Plywood/OSB with 8d nails (spaced 6”/6” or 6”/12” apart) about 9%  Dimensional Lumber about 9%

Roof-To-Wall Attachment:    Clips about 18%  Single Wrap about 20%  Double Wrap about 21%

Secondary Water Resistance (SWR):   Approximately; SWR applied to a hip roof 32%  SWR applied to other roof shapes 6%

Opening Protection:   Hurricane Rated Shutters about 39%  Basic Shutters about 29%
Check with your agent to find out how much you can save. The credits only apply to the wind portion of your insurance, which is about %15 to %70 of your policy.
A State Certified Inspector for Wind Mitigation analysis for all property owners in the State of Florida is required.  We are licensed and insured (Florida State Certified Residential Contractor and Florida State Certified Home Inspectors) to provide this valuable service in an effort to reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance rates. Additionally, we are please to have the opportunity to educate you about the potential strengths and weaknesses of your properties wind resistive features and how to best protect your investment.

 What qualifies for an Windstorm Mitigation Insurance Discount ? : Many existing houses have one or more of these wind mitigation construction features and may qualify for some wind insurance discounts. In addition, houses built after 1994 in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties and houses built after 2002 in the rest of the state generally have many wind mitigation construction features and will likely qualify for significant wind mitigation discount credits.
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  • Roof coverings, such as shingles that meet the FBC Requirements.
  • Roof decks that have been installed with large nails and close spacing.
  • Hurricane clips/straps that hold the roof structure to the walls.
  • Protection of Openings such as windows and glass doors with impact resistant glazing or other protection systems.
  • Secondary Water Resistance that prevents the roof from leaking if the roof covering is blown off in a windstorm.
  • Newly Constructed Homes built to the Florida Building Code since March 1, 2002
  • Homes built to the South Florida Building Code in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties after 1994.
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